Hello. My name is Michael Israel. My goal is to stop the government from trampling on the rights of the people. My goal is to ensure people are free to express themselves without fearing government retribution. I can be reached on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. I also have an about.me page.

A close-up photo of Michael Israel.
A close-up photo of Michael Israel. (Photo: Anonymous)

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When I first started reporting on government corruption, I was writing for a group called the Christic Institute. I turned towards on-line activism when the Christic Institute got shut down by the government for reporting on truths the government wanted to be kept under the rug.

I joined up with a group called Anonymous when they were fighting to keep the government from shutting down WikiLeaks because I believe that WikiLeaks is an institution that is needed to keep governments in check and prevent people in power from abusing their power.

Anonymous engaged in digital sit-ins to voice disapproval when various payment processors tried to stop processing donations to WikiLeaks. The digital sit-ins raised awareness to the plight of WikiLeaks and showed the public that WikiLeaks could not be quickly shut down.

I recently joined up with Rochester Indy Media. This group started to protest unfair trade practices that were underreported by the more mainstream media outlets, and it morphed into a group that allows independent journalists to report on events that are largely ignored by the mainstream media.

I explain in a YouTube video why I decided to become a blogger and a journalist. (Video: Michael Israel)

I am trying to advocate for alternatives to western medication for major medical issues. I will show both Eastern approaches to medicine and how things like a diet or other lifestyle change can help eliminate diseases much more quickly and efficiently than the traditional approaches taken by practitioners of Western medicine.

A close-up of Michael Israel.
A close-up of Michael Israel. (Photo: Anonymous)

I am also fighting to end the Drug War. The Drug War costs taxpayers a lot of money, filling the prison system with non-violent offenders, and not doing anything to stop people from buying or selling drugs.

I will explore how looking at drug abuse as a medical and not a legal issue will save taxpayers money and clear up the courts to deal with violent criminals.

As is stated in the movie V for Vendetta: “People should not be afraid of their government, governments should be afraid of their people.” This is a quote to live by; this is a quote from fiction that we need to make into a reality. We need to rise up and shine a spotlight on all forms of government coercion and corruption. We need to say no more to the loss of civil liberties and unjustifiably long prison terms because of the Drug War. A war that few Americas still want to fight, a misguided war that needs to be ended before more needless victims suffer more than they need to suffer from a pointless war that needs to be stopped now and that should never have been started in the first place.

Turning a medical condition into a war is a dark form of alchemy that turns a human’s need for help into the justification by the government to cause people unneeded pain.

My job as a journalist is to make sure the government is kept in check, so it starts to help and not to dominate its citizens. People need to rise up and let the government know that tyranny will not be tolerated. People need to let the government know that keeping their liberty is more important to them than winning the Drug War.

The government will continue to erode freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights until the voice of the people rises into a scream demanding that the government treats all people, even people engaged in civil disobedience, with dignity and respect.

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