You Should Cook With No Oil: Oil Free Cooking Helps Prevent Heart Disease.

Vegan food that is oil free.
Vegan food that is oil free. (Photo: Michael Israel)

Cooking with no oil helps people with heart issues; oil free cooking reduces or eliminates cardiovascular disease. Whole foods and not heavily processed foods are the best type of foods for people who want to reverse heart disease to eat.

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn discusses how much oil a patient with heart disease should use. (Video: YouTube/VegSource)

Medical evidence has shown that diets such as the Esselstyn Diet which remove all sources of extra oil from foods are beneficial to patients with heart conditions.

Dr. Ted Barnett runs a program in Rochester, New York to teach people how to engage in whole-food-oil-free-vegan cooking. The program is called the Complete Health Improvement (Chip) Program. Kitchen Verde and the Rochester Area Vegan Society (RAVS) work with the Chip program to provide oil-free vegan meals to people who want to eat a heart healthy diet. Kitchen Verde will also deliver food to people who live in and around Rochester, NY for a $5 delivery fee so that people who want to eat oil free foods do not need to travel to pick up their meals. Monday is the only day Kitchen Verde makes foods, so people who want to get oil free foods need to plan ahead for the week.

RAVS has many guest speakers who come and talk about the benefits of eating vegan foods. Dr. Michael Klapper talked about how cooking vegan foods without oil could benefit people with heart disease.

Dr. Michael Klapper talks to people at the RAVS about how the foods we eat affects our DNA. (Audio: Michael Israel)

Dr. Michael Klapper runs a program called True North Health which helps heart patients learn how to change their diet and improve their lifestyle. The Chip Program offered by Dr. Ted Barnett in Rochester, NY provides the same services to people in Upstate New York. Dr. Klapper also warns about the dangers of adding extra salt to food and suggests only cooking natural foods without adding any additional additives to the foods.

The Chip Program has a series of events that people who want to improve their health can register to take. These events include educational films, yoga classes, and cooking classes. The events cost less than $50, and people should preregister for the events to ensure that space is available.

Dr. Esselstyn conducted a study that shows people who eat an oil free diet to improve the health of their heart for the long term as long as they stay on a plant-based-whole-foods-oil-free vegan diet. Maintaining such a diet has even been shown to reverse heart disease as long as the patient continues to use the diet and doesn’t use any source of oil when they are cooking. Using an oil-free whole-foods-plant-based-vegan diet has been shown to help some patients reduce or eliminate the need for medications. No medications should ever be stopped without consulting a doctor first.

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